July 30, 2014

MT Students Participate in Drug Abuse Resistance Education Camp

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ELLISTON, MT – More than 30 incoming middle-school students are having fun and learning at Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Camp.

Helena police officers and deputies with the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s Office, along with a team of high schoolers, facilitate D.A.R.E. camp.

Deputy James Turpin is one of the facilitators. “We bring them to camp for two nights and three days where they participate in lots of team building events, lots of fun games.”

The abundance of activities available to the youngsters comes with learning valuable life lessons.

D.A.R.E. Camper Jason "Apache" Mandy D.A.R.E. Camper Jason “Apache” Mandy

“When you’re young, you say, ‘Oh I’m not going to smoke.’ Just stay true to your word and that’ll happen,” Kinzlee Leeland said.

“You should get outdoors and that it’s really easy to make friends because if you just get along with people it’s easy I guess,” Micknley Hoffer added.

About another 30 to 40 children will attend session two of D.A.R.E. camp later in the week.

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O’Reilly Hits ‘Far-Left’ NY Times for Pot Support: ‘It’s About Race, Not Drugs’

Bill O’Reilly went on another rant against marijuana legalization tonight, this time over the New York Times‘ support for such measures. He dismissed the Times‘ “far-left” view and declared that liberals want pot legalized “not to put another intoxicant in the marketplace,” but because of the social costs of marijuana laws. Specifically, the racial element.

O’Reilly really went off on marijuana use, insisting that pot is a gateway drug “full of unintended consequences” and that “drug use is a public menace.”

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Pope Says Just Say No to Legalizing Drugs

Pope Francis condemned the legalization of recreational drugs as a flawed and failed experiment on Friday, lending his voice to a debate which is raging from the U.S. to Uruguay and beyond. Francis told delegates to a drug-enforcement conference in Rome that even limited attempts to legalize recreational drugs “are not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects.”

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Checks Presented to D.A.R.E. Sweepstakes Campaign 2 Winners

Frank Pegueros, President & CEO, and, Tom Hazelton, President of Development, presented the checks to the D.A.R.E. Sweepstakes Campaign 2 Grand Prize winner, Christina Le, and Bonus Prize winner, Janel Bilal.

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Stopping the Bully in Your Classroom

For schools and classroom teachers to combat bullying, they must understand what it entails and identify it in their hallways and classrooms.

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School Safety Tips For Younger Kids

Before you know it, school will be back in session, which means kids all over the country will be walking to school and facing all sorts of new challenges. School should be about the education, not about learning how to be safe. However it’s a sad fact that safety is still a priority concern of many parents around the country.

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Protect Your Children Online

If your child is not “online” already, he or she may soon be joining the millions of children who are using the Internet. Whether using the Internet at home or school, the online world offers children experiences that can be both educational and rewarding, but sometimes pose a risk.

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