April 16, 2014

Tribute to Deputy Benny Dunnaway and Deputy Don McGlothlin

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THEIR DEDICATION, FINE WORK, AND MEMBERSHIP CONTRIBUTIONS HAVE NOT GONE UNNOTICED! District 4 – Southwest Ohio held their quarterly district meeting with not only training and DARE officer updates but also paid tribute to two retiring officers who have been in active membership since 2002. Deputy Ben Dunaway (DOT Class #47) and Deputy Don McGlothlin […]

Florida D.A.R.E. Officer Training 2014 Announcement

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AGENCY NAME:  Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) AGENCY ADDRESS:  2331 Phillips Road TRAINING CONTACT PERSON:  Mrs. Mable Wimberly CONTACT PHONE/FAX NUMBER:  (850)410-7567/(850)410-2681 CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS:  www.mablewimberly@fdle.state.fl.us INSTRUCTOR NAME:  Inspector Steve Emerson TRAINING COURSE NAME:  D.A.R.E. Officer Training DATE OF TRAINING:  June 16-27, 2014 Starting Time of Training each day: 8:00 a.m. Ending Time of […]

D.A.R.E. Ski Night in Dubuque

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Every year, since at least the early 1990’s, we in the Dubuque, Iowa D.A.R.E. Program have partnered with Sundown Mountain Ski Resort in Dubuque. Each year we provide two D.A.R.E. Ski Nights for students and their families, as a positive and healthy alternative during the long winter months. Sundown Mountain provides Lift Tickets, Skis, Snowboards, […]

D.A.R.E. Officers Teach Kids Life Skills

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Right: Moss Point Upper Elementary School fifth-graders Noe Quezada, left, and Marlana Lewis listen as Moss Point police D.A.R.E. officer Darius Wilson teaches a class there. JOHN FITZHUGH — SUN HERALD Click image for larger view Officer Darius Wilson of the Moss Point Police Department can be seen patrolling the city streets, but more often than not he’s also […]

Bahrain D.A.R.E. Officer Training 5

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BahraDOT 5 Day 1, February 9-20, 2014

Photo from Day 1 of the Bahrain D.A.R.E. Officer Training 5, held on February 9 to 20, 2014. D.A.R.E. Bahrain is now in Phase #3 where their Mentors are assisting the D.A.R.E. Mentors. D.A.R.E. Bahrain expects two more D.A.R.E. Office Trainings prior to their becoming an International Training Center.

Father & Son in Kindergarten D.A.R.E. Class

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Father & son in Kindergarten D.A.R.E. class

D.A.R.E. Deputy Steve Albarado, Pierce County Sheriff’s Office with his son and new D.A.R.E. (new DA PreK – 4 curricula)  Kindergarten Student, Gabriel Albarado at Prairie View Elementary School, Pierce County, Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Click image for larger view

Bismarck Holds D.A.R.E. Graduation

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Approximately 40 Bismarck fifth graders took part in Friday’s D.A.R.E. graduation ceremony held in the school cafeteria under the direction of St. Francois County Deputy Gary Carver, long-time D.A.R.E. instructor (back row, middle). At the program, two students — Jathan Thilking and Teagan Ryder — read their required essays aloud to their fellow students. Click […]

Sheriff Nancy Hove at D.A.R.E. Graduation

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Right: Sheriff Nancy Hove of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, Ellsworth, WI speaking at a recent D.A.R.E. graduation

The D.A.R.E Song

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D.A.R.E. Song

Lyrics by Michael Wagman, Music by John Andrew Tartaglia

Hanna Anderson, Wisconsin D.A.R.E. Youth Representative

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Hanna Anderson, a junior at Bruce High School, has been chosen as the Wisconsin D.A.R.E. Youth Representative. She is excited for her new position and is ready to motivate youth around the state to make good choices. She is very involved in her school and community as a positive influence and leader. Hanna is vice […]