November 28, 2015

D.A.R.E. CEO Francisco Pegueros interviewed by WKRC Cincinnati at the D.A.R.E. International Conference

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Police officers from as far away as Brazil and Bahrain are in Cincinnati this week. They’re training in the anti-drug program called DARE. But there are not any officers at the conference from the host city. Jeff Hirsh tells us why Cincinnati Police dropped out of the program … and why DARE leaders hope they’ll be back. There’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen a DARE car … a flashy police car confiscated from a drug dealer.   And there’s a pretty good chance your child has taken the DARE program in school, which started 30 years ago in Los Angeles and has spread just about everywhere. “The program is in all 50 states, all the territories and 47 other nations.” This week, police officers from all over are in Cincinnati for a DARE training conference … updating the cops who teach in the classroom on issues beyond drugs, like bullying, school shootings, and cyber-stalking.

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