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Bahrain Participates at D.A.R.E. Conference in Ohio, Cincinnati, USA

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Bahrain Participates at D.A.R.E. Conference in Ohio, Cincinnati, USA

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Ohio, Cincinnati, USA: July 17 — (BNA) — Reliant upon directives from the Head of the Committee on Combating Narcotics Addiction and Violence, H.E. Shaikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa, a delegation from “Together” Program led by its director Ali Ahmed Amini and accompanied by the Program’s Assistant Director Fahd Taqi and deputy corporal Ja’ffar Hussein, deputy corporal Fahd Askar, participated in the 26th Conference of the International Organization for Combating of Narcotics and Violence (D.A.R.E) organized in Ohio, Cincinnati, USA. Representatives from 50 US states and 20 countries from all over the globe which implement the program are expected to participate in the conference, including more than 800 police officers who implement this program.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the first countries in the world which apply the program in Arabic language after modifications on the basic curriculum to suit the customs and traditions and solve problems of the ambient environment in line with the Ministry of Interior’s vision in combating violence and narcotics addiction.

The conference activities included a general show of the international organization in which participants in the program gave an overview of their products and development in implementing and developing the curriculum. The show included a special pavilion to showcase the Kingdom’s vision compiled by the National Committee on Combating Violence and Narcotics Addiction as well as the Kigndom’s key accomplishments in this context.

Also showcased for the first time at to international audience was the supplementary notebook of Part (A) and Part (B) of the curriculum compiled by the program implementers for the primary stage.

The implementers distributed introductory flyers on the program to the conference attendees and participants.