January 21, 2018

D.A.R.E. and AIRBAC have partnered to bring the DARE community and children “The Healthy Choice” in backpack Safety

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AIRBAC the Solution To Carrying A Heavy Backpack at an introductory 50% discount at  www.airbac.com.  REMEMBER to use promotional code at checkout DARE to get your 50% introductory discount AIRBAC has multiple styles and sizes for every age.

This year’s annual conference created a great buzz about Airbac and its Benefits for our Children. Stay Tuned as DARE and AIRBAC are working on initiating programs to launch thru DARE in the upcoming months.

 AIRBAC’s Patented Air Support System :

  1. Improves Posture
  2. Promotes Spinal Alignment and Spinal growth
  3. Provides Shock Absorption 
  4. Maximum Comfort
  5. Will make you feel like your carrying half the weight

 To see  further info go to www.airbac.com.  


Download the AIRBAC Information Insert

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