January 20, 2018

D.A.R.E. Partners With The Department Of Homeland Security On Cyber Security Efforts

Posted on October 18, 2012 by in News 2011


Washington, D.C. – On Monday, June 23, 2011, eight D.A.R.E. personnel including members of the D.A.R.E. America staff, officers and students joined the Department of Homeland Security at the White House to recognize the PSA Challenge winners for the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Campaign. In attendance were Gary Locke, Secretary of Commerce, Howard Schmidt, White House Cyber Security Coordinator, Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security Secretary, along with many other government officials and organizations who have the priority of making Americans safer by educating everyone about the importance of Cyber Security.

D.A.R.E. Representatives:  Melanie O’Shea, Brendan White, Lauren Fonde and Brittany Hill.
D.A.R.E. Officers:  George Stephens and Michael Bomgartener D.A.R.E. America Executives: Jim McGivney and Jill Roberts.

“In many ways, the increased use and expanded access to new technologies has made our world more connected than ever before, but with greater connectivity comes greater risk of cyber threats and cyber crime,” said Secretary Napolitano. “Now, more than ever, it is important that all Americans — adults and children alike — learn to protect themselves online and do their part to ensure that cyberspace is a safe and secure environment for all Internet users.”

“Today’s event is a great example of government, the private sector, non-profit organizations, academia, and the American public coming together to realize the vision set out by President Obama when he announced the Cyberspace Policy Review in 2009, and called on us to undertake a national campaign to promote cybersecurity awareness,” said White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt.

In the attempts to stay current with child safety needs, in recent years, D.A.R.E. has added the focus of Internet Safety (safeguarding children against child predators, “sexting” and more) to their agenda through supplemental curricula.

And, in 2009, D.A.R.E. expanded that focus to include Cyber Security as a whole, educating children and adults on the importance of safeguarding personal information. These efforts began when D.A.R.E. first met with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to discuss the update and integration of cyber security curricula, which lead to a pilot program in middle schools one year later.

In 2011, D.A.R.E. joined the Department of Homeland Security in their effort to promote the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Campaign to help spread the word about the importance of safety and security online.

D.A.R.E. has assisted DHS by posting Campaign messages, including the announcement of a PSA challenge, on Facebook, and through its mailing database, as well as welcoming DHS to the 2011 National Conference in Nashville, TN as a vendor and presenter.

The Campaign’s PSA Challenge, launched in November 2010 as part of the National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign, called on individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations to create and submit short video PSAs encouraging their fellow citizens to be safe and secure online. The winning videos target a variety of age groups and promote awareness about important cybersecurity issues critical to America’s national and economic security, as well as the safety and security of individuals and communities.

The three winning PSAs promote awareness among teens, young adults and parents on how to protect against cyber bullying, cyber predators and other criminal activity online.  They include submissions from students at Dakota State University, the non-profit organization Stop Child Predators, and Microsoft Corporation. Watch the winning PSA videos here.

D.A.R.E. looks forward to continuing to work with DHS and NCSA on these important efforts to keep our children and America safe.