January 20, 2018

Internet safety expert visits St. Sebastian School

Posted on November 8, 2014 by in Hometown, Internet Safety, Ohio

Jesse Weinberger

From Akron.com.

WEST AKRON — Jesse Weinberger, an Internet safety expert, digital strategist, instructor and owner of OvernightGeek University, recently spent time at St. Sebastian Parish School and visited the classrooms of students in grades four through eight to discuss the dangers of the Internet, gaming and social media. Each presentation was designed for the different age levels of the students, according to school officials.

Weinberger, shown above speaking with students, talked about online safety, why they should not share information with strangers or play video games with people they do not know, how important it is for students to manage their online reputations and how wrong and hurtful cyber bullying can be.

Weinberger also had a parent-only presentation, where she stressed the importance of talking to children about the dangers of cyberspace. Weinberger said that the average teen consumes 11 hours of electronic media — including TV, movies and Internet — every day, and stressed that children younger than 14 don’t have the maturity to handle all the devices and parents should set rules for Internet access. Parents also should monitor what their children are doing, she added.