December 16, 2017

Welcome to D.A.R.E. America

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D.A.R.E. – the World’s Preeminent Substance Abuse Prevention Program 

Nearly three decades ago, the Los Angeles Police Department in a unique partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District launched a bold new education program – D.A.R.E.  This unprecedented program for the very first time introduced the topic of substance abuse prevention in the classroom and the home.  No one ever could have imagined when the program began in 1983 that 27 years later D.A.R.E. would be the world’s preeminent substance abuse prevention program.

Today, thousands of specially trained D.A.R.E. officers throughout the United States and in 44 other countries each year teach millions of kindergarten through 12th grade children how to resist peer pressure and live productive drug and violence-free lives. From North to South America, from the Caribbean to Europe, Asia and beyond, D.A.R.E. can be found in communities where parents want their children to lead healthy lives.

Since that very first class was taught in Los Angeles in 1983, D.A.R.E. has continued to be the most adopted anti-substance abuse education program in the United States and the world.  And while educating children about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and violence remains the core program, D.A.R.E. has continuously updated and improved its educational curricula to respond to each new challenge our children face.  Only D.A.R.E. is able to respond rapidly to emerging issues creating quality curricular materials in a timely fashion, often before parents, schools and the media are aware of the issue.  Our most recently developed enhancement lessons address bullying, internet safety, methamphetamine, and abuse of over-the-counter prescription drugs.  Through our board of directors and five advisory boards each of which collaborate with staff, D.A.R.E. has provided an increasing number of communities in America and beyond with the special curricula and lessons that they need to help students and families cope with these and other social and behavioral problems in this ever changing world.

Thousands of D.A.R.E. officers worldwide once again comit themselves to teaching their students good decision-making skills to help them lead safe and healthy lives.  For them, it’s not a job… it’s a passion… and, for many, it’s their life’s work.

Charlie J. Parsons, President & Chief Executive Officer

Louis “Skip” Miller, Chairman, Board of Directors