December 16, 2017

Nottingham Post – We must steer youngsters away from booze

Posted on August 22, 2012 by in Bulletins

We can and must bring down the consumption of alcohol and I believe that education and rehabilitation is the answer.

We live at a crossroads of cultures. We can buy drinks all day and night and then we blame alcohol for our crime and our illnesses. We live in a most civilised Christian society, yet we behave like barbarians after excessive alcohol.

Can we do anything about it? Yes we can.

We should encourage D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) teaching in schools so pupils can learn to resist excessive alcohol drinking, drug taking and also bullying in school and become good, respected citizens in adult life. They would also be taught discipline and to respect elders and teachers.

Nottingham is known all over the world for Robin Hood and Nottingham Forest, but has been branded a city of crime and gun violence? Can society do anything to bring down drinking and crime?

Yes, we can. Political parties have let us down. Their dogma is based on monetary theologies, not on common sense or the feelings and fears of the people.

The new Police Commissioner will have a budget of £200 million to combat crime, so we can walk the streets of Nottingham after dark without fear once again.

Parliament has abolished the Police Authority – a committee of councilors of various political persuasions who could not bring down crime – and has given the power to the people to elect a Police Commissioner, to provide the protection which the elderly, single mothers, vulnerable children are not getting at present.

The new Police Commissioner can use the police force not only to enforce quick responses to violent crime and street violence but can also become the friendly enforcers of discipline and teach children about the ill effects of alcohol and drugs.

We could have a police officer to each and every school who will be responsible for this.

Alcohol intake coupled with drugs is causing most of the crime in Nottinghamshire. It is our own fault for letting this happen. We must not blame the younger generation for their drinking and drug taking when the fault is entirely ours for allowing politicians and politics to rule us.