October 22, 2017

Ohio D.A.R.E. Officer Trainings Reach 26 Years

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By Kari B. Parsons- D.A.R.E. Ohio Training Director

Hello Ohio D.A.R.E. Officers!

My how times flies! It has been 26 years since the very first Ohio DOT. DOT #1 was held in April of 1988. DOT #2 was held in October of 1988, DOT #3 in March of 1989, DOT #4 in June of 1989, DOT #5 in August of 1989 and DOT #6 in October of 1989.

Check out the names in those first D.A.R.E. Officer Training classes….and keep in mind that there were 17, yes 17, D.A.R.E. curriculum lessons to learn instead of the ten we now have. I can’t imagine!

A special congratulations to D.A.R.E. Officer Dick Groves, Ross County SO, who is the only remaining actively instructing D.A.R.E. Officer of the group.

Keep up the good work! Ohio’s schools and communities appreciate all you do.

Ohio DOTs reach 26 years 1
Ohio DOTs reach 26 years 2
Ohio DOTs reach 26 years 3

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