January 20, 2018

RCMP – School Year End Report Shared

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St. Albert, AB – St. Albert RCMP share a Year End School Resource Officer Report with the St. Albert Public School Division, St. Albert Greater Catholic School Division, Centre Nord School Division and the Sturgeon School Division at the close of the school year. Once this report is shared with the School Divisions, the RCMP Inspector shares the report with Mayor and Council for their information. This year, St. Albert RCMP is sharing this report with the St. Albert community as a whole.

Image: St Albert Clocktower Downtown. By en:User:Fellowedmonton (en:File:Downtown clocktower.jpg) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

St. Albert RCMP consider youth to be an important part of the community and through the increases to policing numbers that the St. Albert Mayor and Council have approved in recent years, the police officers dedicated to working in the schools and the community doing prevention work has increased from a total of 4 officers in 2008 to a team of 1 Corporal, 4 Constables, 2 Reserve Constables and 1 Auxiliary Constable for a total of 8 in 2016.

The 2015/ 2016 School year was another successful year for the St. Albert RCMP. In addition to delivering Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) classes to all grade 6 students, Drug Awareness classes to all grade 8 students, this group devotes a lot of time to prevention work with youth. Students struggle with cyber-bullying issues, relationship issues, thefts, driving concerns and assaults just like some adults experience in the community. Officers take the time to diffuse youth conflicts, help prevent crimes by suggesting safe options to conflicts, explain the law and how the police work and if necessary, enforce the law through court charges.

The RCMP relies on parents and youth to report problems on social media sites as the RCMP does not monitor social media. To report a problem, students can approach their School Resource Officer at the school, or can report directly to the RCMP Detachment by calling 780 458 7700. As many of the social media problems revolve around inappropriate comments or photos being taken without permission, the School Resource Officer can help the youth articulate their concerns and mediate with the person causing the problem without these matters becoming official police investigations. Any parents in St. Albert will know how quickly these problems can crop up for youth and how much of the day can be devoted to helping young people navigate the challenges they face as they grow up. The School Resource Officers are very busy working with youth, but find the work rewarding as most young people are able to transition to adulthood safely when guided by the team of their parents, the schools, the police and the community.

St. Albert RCMP look forward to the 2016/ 2017 School year and the new and continuing positive, professional relationships they will have with the schools, the youth and their parents. Watch your school web page to see your School Resource or D.A.R.E. officer.